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Cross-chain deployments

Custom solutions on any major blockchain depending on your requirements.
We have working products on Ethereum, Cardano, SUI, Ergo and more.

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Reduce the risk

We're so certain of our solutions that we share the business risk with you.
Lowest prices and earnings sharing to speed up adoption.

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Long term partnerships

Let's create something that lasts and thrives in the years with a continuous support that ensures a flawless user experience

Our end-to-end Blockchain Solutions

Lending, marketplaces, auctions, fractionalization, liquidity pool.
Anything you require, from the smart contracts to the integration in your website

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Lowest prices to join the web3 world. Is your budget restricted?
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Our Team and Mission

At FluidTokens our senior teams are creating a decentralized financial ecosystem where transparency and efficiency give more power to users and institutions worldwide.
As blockchain must solve real-world problems, it's our mission to onboard companies in this web3 journey.

Safe and reliable

Some of our satisfied partners is the first blockchain platform that brings the healthcare industry to a new level.
Their first service is the tokenization of dentist equipment to allow lending and borrowing.
FluidTokens has developed the smart contracts, the dApp integration, the backend and the whole infrastructure. is a swiss company that provides stable returns through important financial services such as crowdlending and equity sharing.
FluidTokens continues to provide development of the smart contracts and management of the cloud infrastructure.

Hapnin is a UK company that is revolutionizing the events planning world. Users can freely find all the available social events nearby filtering by their preferences.
FluidTokens has designed and deployed all their infrastructure.

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